Safe and known, known and safe

The following beautiful poem by Merle Feld, called “Dreaming of Home,” was recently brought to my attention.

We want so much to be in that place
where we are respected and cherished,
protected, acknowledged,
nurtured, encouraged, heard. 

And seen, seen
in all our loveliness,
in all our fragile strength.

And safe,
safe in all our trembling vulnerability. 

Where we are known and safe,
safe and known. 

Is it possible?

We might ask ourselves and our forum mates if our forum is such a place?  If yes, we are truly blessed.  If not, what further questions might we ask?

2 Responses to Safe and known, known and safe

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    Two questions and one thought. (1) Where, when and with who have I felt most known and safe? (2) Why? Or what creates feeling nurtured, heard, cherished, safe and known? It can sound like a feeling that is dependent on the kind and generous behaviours of others. Taking responsibility for the quality of my relationships, this can be reframed as “What can I do to feel known and safe?” Makes me think of Jack Gibb’s work on trust. People say they will risk when there is trust. Jack suggests people consider that the reverse is also true – it is risking that builds trust. Andrew

  2. katie litteral says:

    Thank you so much for typing this up! I have been searching for hours for this Merle Feld poem!!!

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