Powerful Endings: What am I taking away from today’s meeting?

No matter who started the conversation, no matter whose issue was explored in depth, we can all take something of value away from each meeting.  By allocating a specific time at the end of the meeting to share takeaways, we encourage greater self-reflection. And as I hear what you took away, I may agree, may take away a different point, or may be sparked to consider a new approach.  Possible takeaways may be in any of these categories:

Question: I wonder why? What if? How come? Would I…?  Can I…?

Appreciation: I want to express gratitude to a fellow forum member or to someone else in my life.  I will do that before the next forum meeting!

Issue: I need to pursue, explore, gain a greater understanding of X, so I can do a better job of Y.

Perspective: Wow! That’s a new angle, a whole new way to think about my problem or opportunity.

Insight: I can now more keenly see the true nature of my situation, because….

Idea: A new conviction, conception, opinion, principle, or framework is forming in my mind!

Connection: I need to make a note to reach out to person A to pursue….  Or maybe a forum mate can introduce me to person B?

Intention: I have a new goal, purpose, or objective in mind.  I need to flesh this out further.

Action: I have a new S.M.A.R.T. goal, one that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-framed.  Shall I tell my forum mates about this goal, so they can serve as my accountability witnesses?

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