Refreshing your monthly updates

I was recently told by a forum moderator: “Our update quality is varied from member to member, with more of them becoming travelogues, rather than getting into the heart of the emotional impact and significance.”  The moderator asked how to reframe and refresh their updates.  Following are a few ideas:

  • Set the tone that forum updates are about the issues and challenges you can’t share anywhere else (what we sometimes call the top 5% and bottom 5% of your life). The acronym that summarizes this is MITy WISE:
    • Most Important Things
    • Why it’s important
    • Impact personally
    • Significance for you personally
    • Emotions you are feeling
  • Especially appropriate for the beginning of a new year: Try annual, instead of monthly updates. See this earlier blog post for more details.
  • Flip the format of updates: Ask that members start with the emotion they are feeling, then why the emotional feeling is significant and important, and only then share the facts.
  • Do another round after completing your standard updates. See this blog post for the prompts to use.
  • Try a different update format such as those available in the Alumni Forum Services Resource Library.