Forum Commitments: Two Questions Every Member Should Answer

I recently received the following question from a forum moderator:

Our forum is looking to create a “statement of commitment” to clarify the level of commitment we expect of ourselves and one another.  We’ve had some challenges of late with members not prioritizing the group over outside commitments, and it has raised the issue that we may have misaligned expectations for the sacrifice we are each willing to make to be present. I volunteered to draft up a commitment statement and was wondering if you have anything you can suggest.

A starting point for this conversation is to develop (or review if you already have) a constitution or forum mission statement.  Here’s a sample from our resource library.

A simple approach if you want or need to start from scratch is to ask each member to answer the following two questions and for the group to discuss commonalities and differences to agree to a unified statement:

  1. Three years from now if I got everything I want from this forum, what will I have gotten?
  2. What am I willing to do (commit to) in order to make sure I got the above?

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