Icebreaker ideas and conversation starters

Forums are always looking for challenging and thought provoking questions which lead to deeper understanding and greater trust, and may suggest possible presentation topics.  Following are some questions to consider using at your next meeting.

  1. Tell me a time when you felt great shame that you have not told anyone about before.
  2. What are three names you have been called over the course of your life, and why.
  3. When you were growing up, what did you really want to be?
  4. Tell us about the last time you were inspired.
  5. What stories do you hope people will share at your retirement party?
  6. What role in your life do you feel least qualified for?
  7. Do you think a nuclear weapon will be used again in your lifetime, and how do you feel about that?
  8. Which parent influenced you the most?
  9. If you had to pick one person with whom to spend a long time on a desert island, whom would you choose?
  10. If you suddenly inherited $1million, what would you do with it? For the portion you put into savings, how would you allocate it?
  11. What were your New Year resolutions this year?
  12. If I could redo my summer, I would have…
  13. If you were to go back to school, what would you study and why?
  14. If you were to be cremated when you die, what three places would you like your ashes to be spread?
  15. What is your family’s burn rate, and how many months could you go with no further income?

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