“if you really knew me…”

Most forum members have been through the Lifeline exercise as part of their group’s initial orientation, but forums are always looking to deepen connections, build trust, and get to know each other better.

One simple icebreaker that can be used, either when a new member joins, or at any time with an established group is “If you really knew me….”  This exercise is easily adjustable to fit the time available.  Go around the room and everyone completes the sentence “If you really knew me, you would know…”  The response should be something not previously shared with the group that could not be discovered from your resume, Linkedin profile, or other public source.  Participants can choose to share deeply or not depending on their comfort level.  If the moderator (or assistant moderator) goes first, and models the process, this can result in some significant sharing.  Go around the room, once, twice, three times or even more, depending on the available time.

Consider keeping this icebreaker in your back pocket for possible use at any future meeting when you have a little extra time and want to go deeper.

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